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About the flood team

Be Strong. Be The Flood Team Strong.

A strong commitment

Starting from humble beginnings, the founder Joe Tumminia saw a need for a company that specialized in water damage restoration. Growing up in the industry, The Flood Team Co-Founder Tony Tumminia not only has years of experience learning from the family business, but he has been CEO of The Flood Team for over a decade. Tony Tumminia’s determination not only stems from a family legacy that he and his father built, but a passion for creating opportunities for others to create a life and a business that gives them great joy and freedom and that they can be proud to call their own.

Together with Co-Founder of The Flood Team Franchise, business partner Blake Birnstill brings extensive knowledge with his own years of experience of also running a business specializing in water damage restoration. Blake Birnstill saw this opportunity and was so impressed he could not pass on the chance to be involved. Tony and Blake and the entire team at The Flood Team are committed to providing and supporting an incredible growth opportunity for franchise owners.

Owning a water damage franchise with The Flood Team means you can use custom-developed tools and technology to remotely manage crews, monitor progress, bill projects upon completion, market your business, and more… The Flood Team takes the guesswork out of it all!

“We are excited to show all our franchise owners — whether they are brand new to the industry, or if they are current industry owners looking to do better and more — how The Flood Team is the kind of business that provides an incredible experience for all users involved, and truly helps people during times of crisis. It’s not only a great business, but it’s immensely rewarding as well.” – Tony Tumminia

What does it mean to be The Flood Team Strong?

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Being part of a water damage franchise team that is committed to business growth and a solid brand reputation

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Having ample support of water damage franchise business owners for operational effectiveness

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Leveraging a mobile, scalable business model dedicated to one core area: water damage restoration services

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Access to affordable and practically turnkey equipment packages

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Benefitting from custom tools and technologies, training and industry knowledge

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Taking advantage of the unique business model that makes scaling practical

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"I have been a mitigation specialist with The Flood Team for several years and I love what I do. The Flood Team has one of the best business models in this industry because it really focuses on creating an exceptional experience for everyone involved. The Flood Team has given me the best equipment and tools...! This business model has not only helped me to [grow] but it has also allowed me enough time to spend with friends and family! I am so grateful to be part of such an amazing company!"
- Jessie Jimenez